Abeer Salhia, PhD, DLM, MT, RN, FNP-c is the Lab Director for Vios Fertility Institute Chicago and Milwaukee regions. She holds several degrees and certifications in both medical technology and nursing. She earned her PhD in Microbiology, Masters of Science in Biomedical Science, Clinical Embryology and Andrology as well as an additional Masters of Science in Nursing. Most recently, Dr. Salhia has earned a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-c) certification as she continues to pursue her passion to bring both clinical and laboratory science together to produce better patient outcomes. Dr. Salhia holds a MedTech (MT) and Diplomat in Laboratory Management (DLM) certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology and is a Certified Lab Director through Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

Dr. Salhia strives to improve patient pregnancy outcomes through a continued focus on collaboration between laboratory and clinical teams. She is passionate about the entire patient and fertility treatment experience and believes the most effective outcomes result from a joint approach to care. The only FNP Lab Director in the region, she understands both worlds and can integrate them to bring better outcomes to patients.

A leader in the industry, Dr. Salhia has practiced for more than 20 years and opened the Vios West Loop IVF Lab in 2015. Prior to joining Vios, she owned her own embryology lab and consulted around the world on IVF technology and procedures. She recently led the Vios Fertility Institute team in the formatting of human embryos and eggs into the TMRW platform, the first-ever in the world. Her current primary clinical interest is In vitro maturation (IVM) for oocytes, the process of maturing underdeveloped eggs in media within the lab.

Abeer Salhia, PhD, DLM, MT, RN, FNP-c Training

FNP, Purdue University Global (November 2020)
MS, Nursing, DePaul University (November 2018)
MS, Biomedical Science, Clinical Embryology and Andrology, Eastern Virginia Medical School (June 2007)
BS, Medical Technology, Rush University (June 1998)
MT, American Society for Clinical Pathology, Rush University (June 1998)
BS and PhD, Microbiology, Kuwait University (June 1996)

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, April, 2021
Certified as Diplomate in Laboratory Management under ASCP, May 2008
Certified Clinical Laboratory Director under NCA, May 2008
Certified Laboratory Director under CLIA, June 2007
Certified Medical Technologist under ASCP, July 1998
Certified Laboratory Scientist under NCA, July 1998

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