Donor eggs can be used by individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility due to a lack of quality eggs. Same sex couples, single men, and women (single or in a relationship) with poor egg quality due to diminished ovarian reserve or primary ovarian insufficiency are those that most often use donor eggs.

Most patients choose to select frozen eggs through a donor egg bank. One option available is Vios Fertility Institutes’ sister agency, Eos Conception, which offers fresh and frozen egg donors with a concierge service for intended parents.

During this process, patients can review a number of candidates that meet their specific criteria. Egg donors have been thoroughly screened medically and psychologically prior to being accepted into the agency’s donor pool. Donors also have the legal documentation in place relinquishing parental rights to any future children born from their eggs.

How many donor eggs do I need?

Donor eggs are broken down into Lots of eggs and each lot can vary between donor.  So the number of eggs you will need is dependent on your prognosis and treatment path. It is also important to plan for any future children you may want, if having full siblings is important to you. The egg donor you select may no longer be donating eggs when you come back to try for your next child. Once the eggs from a particular donor are claimed that donor is no longer available. If you know you want future siblings to have the same donor, you will need to purchase eggs to keep some cryopreserved for future use.

During your initial consultation, our physicians can help you plan the number of eggs you will likely need for treatment now and in the future. Prior to purchasing the donor eggs, you will need to coordinate the shipping and storage with our laboratory to ensure timely shipping and receiving. One often overlooked cost associated with donor eggs is shipping costs. The cost of shipping can quickly add up. So, in some cases it is best to purchase more than one lot of eggs at a single time. We provide short term (5 years) cryopreservation storage in our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory for a yearly fee. If long term storage (indefinite) is needed, we can refer you to one of our partners.

Known Donors

Some patients prefer to choose known egg donors. Whether it is a family member or friend, our clinic requires a legal donor contract to be created and signed by all parties involved. This legal document should outline the specifics of the situation and what is expected of each party. We can provide you the names of lawyers who specialize in reproductive law who can help you draft and execute a donor egg contract.

To learn more about using donor eggs in your treatment plan, contact us today to schedule a consultation.