InVoCell is an intervaginal culture device (IVC) providing an innovative and personal option in your fertility journey. The device holds the eggs and sperm in the body using it as an incubator for fertilization, providing personal involvement in the experience. An InVoCell cycle involves an egg retrieval, intervaginal fertilization, and incubation within the InVoCell device, and then an embryo transfer to the uterus in hopes of achieving a successful pregnancy.

When facing fertility challenges, some of the options most common are intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). InVoCell gives patients and couples another choice on their fertility journey. InVoCell might be the right option building a family particularly if:

Why use InVoCell?

Less monitoring appointments and medications result in a lower cost option. As always, consult with your doctor to decide on the right number of visits and right medications. Here are other reasons to consider INVOCELL:

How InVoCell works

InVoCell is a two device system consisting of a culture device and retention device. The culture device holds the egg and sperm and it is no larger than a diaphragm. The retention device holds the culture device and is placed into vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering InVoCell +

Is InVoCell right for me? +

The best candidate for InVoCell has a healthy BMI and AMH with a male partner or sperm donor who has no infertility diagnosis.

How does InVoCell work? +

InVoCell uses a unique approach that allows you to be an even greater part of the process. Your doctor will place the eggs and sperm in the InVoCell device, and then position the device in your vagina. Your body provides the environment needed for fertilization and incubation to occur.

How is InVoCell different from other options? +

InVoCell is an option between IUI and IVF in both cost and success rates. It often requires less monitoring visits as well as, fewer medications than a typical IVF cycle.

What are my chances of conceiving? +

A clinical trial with InVoCell resulted in about a 25% success rate, which was defined as the number of live births per embryo transfer.

InVoCell Process +

How many monitoring visits will I need? +

InVoCell may require fewer monitoring appointments than a traditional IVF cycle, but speak to your provider to decide what is best for you.

Do I still need to take medications? +

You will still require medication to stimulate egg growth. Your provider will discuss medication with you during your consultation.

Will I be in any pain after the device is inserted? +

The device is about the size of a diaphragm and is inserted while you are asleep, so you will not feel discomfort during or after the procedure. If you do, you should call your doctor right away.

Can I workout after InVoCell is inserted? +

You should avoid strenuous physical activity or any activity that could change the temperature of your vagina—this includes taking a bath, douching, sexual intercourse, swimming, or exercising.

What are possible InVoCell risks? +

Like all procedures there are risks, if you have concerns about your InVoCell device please speak to your provider.