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At the Vios Fertility Center for Egg Health Excellence we specialize in assisting woman of all ages and backgrounds preserve their future fertility potential through egg freezing.

Egg Freezing

Advanced reproductive technology offers women the freedom and control to pause their “biological clock” until they are ready to start a family. Due to advanced medical technologies there has never been a better time for women to take control of their fertility. Pregnancy rates decline rapidly after age 35, although a steady age-related decline starts to begin as early as in one’s late 20’s. Both the quality and quantity of egg supply decreases with age, leading to both increased rates of infertility and miscarriage. Freezing eggs allows a woman to use “younger” eggs, leading to easier conception and potentially healthier pregnancy outcomes. Pregnancy rates using frozen eggs are now comparable to that of fresh (non-frozen) eggs.

The Egg Freezing Process

The process of slow freezing was used to preserve a woman’s unfertilized eggs until as recently as the mid 2000’s. The process was not ideal due to the size of an egg cell (by far the largest cell in the human body) and a reliable, repeatable process was never established. During the slow freeze, ice crystals could develop which often times resulted in shredding or rupturing of the delicate cells during freezing and/or thawing.

Since the mid 2000’s a process called vitrification has been used to successfully freeze a woman’s egg. Vitrification is the process of flash-freezing or freezing the egg to a glass like state. During this process a solution is used to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Frozen eggs are stored at -196 Fahrenheit in nitrogen tanks that are monitored daily by lab technicians. There are no indications that the quality of frozen eggs deteriorates over time. When the eggs are needed for treatment they are quickly warmed and removed from the solution before being prepared for the required treatment.

Vios Fertility Institute is also one of the first fertility clinics to offer an innovative technology called Violet™, an AI-enabled software solution from Future Fertility. This non-invasive technology can predict the quality of the egg using an AI database that was developed using tens of thousands of images. This information is collected into a physical report document for the patient, offering a comprehensive breakdown and images of the eggs. There is no comparable tool that offers transparency and scientific grading about the quality of an oocyte.

The report can assist your Vios physician in personalizing your future treatment protocols. Read more about the Violet technology here.

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Fertility Preservation For Men
While a man can produce millions of new sperm each day throughout most of his life, there are situations in which a man may prefer to freeze sperm. During this simple process a man will ejaculate into a sterile container; which is then frozen through the process of vitrification. A man can produce multiple specimens over a relatively short time period until the desired number of frozen sperm has been reached. Contact us to learn more.

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