Vios Promise

The Vios Promise Program was established to remove the unknown cost concerns and give financial reassurance to patients by providing a refund if there is no live birth.

Vios Promise for Donor Egg Refund (DE) is designed to assist patients who desire treatment utilizing donor eggs. The traditional relationship between Doctor and Patient requires patients to pay for each individual treatment cycle regardless of the pregnancy outcome. If patients are unsuccessful in their IVF cycles, the patients may no longer have the resources available to pursue other paths to parenthood, including adoption.

For a set fee, patients are allowed up to 6 IVF cycles using a fresh donor egg and the unlimited use of extra (cryopreserved) embryos in order to achieve a live birth.

The Vios Promise agreement is completed with the live birth of a baby OR the patient completes the 6 fresh donor egg IVF cycles and has utilized all cryopreserved embryos OR the patient withdraws from the program.

If after undergoing treatment in the program the patient does not achieve a live birth, 100% of the Vios Promise fee will be refunded. This program is based on our confidence in our pregnancy success rates—we feel that our success rates allow us to provide a program where we share the financial risk with patients and guarantee a live birth or give a refund of the Vios Promise fee. In order to qualify for the program, patients must complete a full medical prescreening and be considered good assisted reproductive technology (ART) candidates. While many health insurance plans cover IVF in some form, the Vios Promise is typically chosen by couples who do not have any insurance coverage.

The Vios Promise

Recipient can be patient or gestational carrier

(1 egg donor and 1 recipient)

(1 egg donor and 2 recipients)

(1 egg donor and 3 recipients)

The Vios Promise Donor Egg Refund Program Fee Covers:

  • Egg donor from our agency(ies)
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Cryopreservation
  • Embryo Transfers
  • Egg Donor Medications

Normally a single Egg Donor Cycle self pay for the Donor Eggs, Freezing Embryos, Egg Retrieval and Fresh Embryo Transfer, Frozen Egg Transfer, and Egg Donor Medications can total between $35,000 – $40,000 with no guarantee of a live birth.


In order to participate in the program, the patient must be approved through a prescreening process. The clinical team will review applicants who complete a full medical evaluation and determine if they are considered optimal IVF/DE candidates. The determination of the Vios Promise medical team is final. For applicants who are not accepted into the Vios Promise program, several other financial options are available for donor egg and/or gestational surrogacy treatment.

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