At Vios Fertility Institute, we provide a number of care programs aimed at making fertility testing, treatment cycles and future family planning options more affordable.

The Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Check Up – The Vios Pulse is baseline fertility testing that gives couples and individuals insight into their current fertility potential.

The Vios Promise – The Vios Promise Program was established to remove the unknown cost concerns and give financial reassurance to patients by providing a refund if there is no live birth. Vios Promise for Donor Egg Refund (DE) is designed to assist patients who desire treatment utilizing donor eggs.

Vios Tomorrow Fertility Preservation Program – Patients who wish to preserve their fertility through egg or embryo vitrification for future use can take part in our Vios Tomorrow program.

  • Social Indications for Egg Freezing – whether it’s pursuing higher education, a promotion at work, or you simply haven’t found the right parter, freezing your eggs can allow you to “pause” your biological clock and still have the family of your dreams in the future.
  • Medical Indications for Egg/Embryo Freezing Some treatments (but not all) used for cancer and other auto-immune diseases can affect ones fertility. So it’s important to have a consultation with a fertility specialist to discuss your specific treatment. Patient with medical indications receive expedited consultations and services so they can preserve fertility and begin their treatments for cancer or other diseases quickly.

Self-Pay Packages – For patients who do not have fertility insurance or have already exhausted their benefits, we provide a number of self-pay package options for testing and treatment. To learn more about these options call your local office to speak with a financial counselor.

Military Discount – Current and former military servicemen and servicewomen qualify for our military discount. Patients can receive 15% off select fertility treatments.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information.