We understand the importance of clarity when it comes to your financial responsibilities as you seek treatment. As well as understanding what is and is not covered by your insurance policy. Watch the video below, “An Overview of the Financial Process” to have a better understanding of how the financial process works. Then review the list of the most frequently asked financial and insurance questions that our patients and perspective patients have. If you still have questions, contact us today!

What insurance do you accept? +

We accept most insurance companies. At this time, we are not able to accept government assisted insurance plans like Medicare or Medicaid. We recommend calling your insurance directly to make sure Vios Fertility Institute is covered with your specific plan. View the full list of insurances accepted at Vios Fertility.

What is covered by my insurance? +

What is and isn’t covered by your insurance will depend on your specific policy. Our insurance coordinators will do a complimentary verification of benefits (VOB) and provide you with a report of your policy coverage specific to our clinic. Watch this video overview of how to read and understand your VOB report. We provide this report as a courtesy and not a guarantee of coverage. We highly recommend you review your benefits with your insurance provider directly.

Do I need a referral? +

Your specific insurance policy will dictate whether or not you need a referral to see a Vios Fertility provider. HMO plans usually require a referral from an ob-gyn or primary care physician (PCP). Check with your insurance provider or HR representative about the specific requirements for your policy. If you do not have insurance, have exhausted your fertility benefits, or would prefer the self-pay cost, you do not need a referral and we can offer you self-pay package pricing.

What is a global referral? +

Some insurance providers require a "Global Referral". This is similar in nature to that of a traditional referral, however, some additional items must be included for the "Global Referral" to meet the standards of the insurance provider. First, the referral must state that it is a "Global Referral for Infertility Treatments". The word 'Global' must be written on the referral. Secondly, the date of service must also be included on the referral. This can be listed as "Date Range" or "Expiration Date" and can state "1 Year", "99 Visits", or "1 Year and 99 Visits". If either of these items are missing, please ask your referring physician to add these to your referral to avoid delays. If you have additional questions, contact your local office to speak with an insurance coordinator.

Is gender selection/family balancing covered by insurance? +

Typically, gender selection/family balancing is not covered by insurance.

When will I need to pay for services not covered or partially covered by my insurance? +

After your insurance company has processed the claim, they will send you and Vios an explanation of benefits (EOB) and any payment they are making towards the claim directly to Vios. After we receive this, we will update your account accordingly and the outstanding balance will need to be paid at your next visit. For more details, watch this video explaining the billing process for insurance patients.

What if my insurance policy doesn’t cover infertility or I’ve already exhausted my fertility coverage benefits? +

If you do not have insurance coverage or have exhausted your fertility benefits we can provide you with self-pay package pricing for diagnostic and treatment cycles.

Does Vios Fertility offer payment plans for self-pay patients? +

Vios Fertility Institute does not offer payment plans directly. Patients must pay for treatment cycles in full prior to services being rendered. To help our self-pay patients afford care, we’ve partnered with organizations who provide financing and payment plan options to cover treatment, medications, and more.

Do you accept HSA/FSA? +

Yes, we are happy to accept HSA/FSA as forms of payment. A detailed billing summary can be provided upon request to submit to your HSA/FSA manager.

How can I pay my bill? +

You can pay your bill at your next visit or call your home office directly.

If you still have questions regarding your insurance coverage or financing options, please call your home office to speak with a financial counselor.