Vios Announce Louise Brown as Ambassador

Vios Fertility Institute Announces Louise Brown as A Brand Ambassador

CHICAGO, IL (August 12, 2019) —Known to many as the “world’s first test tube baby,” the UK’s Louise Brown is still making headlines some forty-one years later. But this time, it’s for her new role as a brand ambassador Vios Fertility Institute, one of the fastest growing fertility clinics in the U.S.

Brown, whose birth date of July 25, 1978 changed the world, is the first person ever to be born through in vitro fertilization (IVF). By the actions of her parents and the work of scientist Robert Edwards and gynecologist Patrick Steptoe, she was the first baby born through this science. Growing up, she was at the center of the debate about the morality of IVF. Today, there are more than eight million people conceived through IVF around the world.

Brown was first introduced to Vios CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Angeline Beltsos at the 2016 London Fertility Show, where she was a special guest of the newly-launched online fertility magazine, Brown was in attendance for two days to meet fertility experts and sign copies of her book My Life as the First Test Tube Baby, which chronicled the impact her birth had on the world. Following their meeting, Dr. Beltsos invited Louise to Chicago to attend the 2017 Midwest Reproductive Symposium international in which she serves as executive chairperson. Dr. Beltsos had also arranged for “America’s first test tube baby” Elizabeth Carr to attend. So, on Friday, June 16, 2017, Brown and Carr actually met for the very first time.

From Left: Dr. Beltsos and Louise Brown at the Midwest Reproductive Symposium international in 2018, celebrating Louise’s 40th birthday!

In getting to know the Vios physicians and team, they clearly understand the issues that both women and men face when they want to have a baby,” explains Brown. “They are inspiring and compassionate and guide patients through every step of the fertility journey. I am proud to support them in 2019 as a Vios Brand Ambassador.”

In her role as brand ambassador, Brown will participate in “#AsksVios” social media campaign where she submits fertility-based questions for Vios experts to answer. Brown will also be featured on an upcoming Vios Vibes podcast hosted by Dr. Beltsos as well as have a dedicated page linked to the Vios website.


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