Kindbody and Vios: Patient FAQs

We are thrilled to share that Vios has partnered with Kindbody to increase access to patient-centric, technology-driven, care across the country. Read the full press release here.

We know our patients may have some questions about this news, so we have put together answers to some frequently asked questions below:

  1. How will this partnership impact my current treatment plan?

Patients will not experience any disruptions in their individual care; their physician, care team, and treatment plans will not change.

Over time, we hope patients will see exciting developments as we thoughtfully integrate and evolve, taking advantage of the best each of our companies has to offer.

  1. Why did Vios join forces with Kindbody?

Kindbody and Vios are stronger together. We are unified by our shared mission to transform the fertility landscape through superior healthcare, innovative technology, expanded accessibility, and unparalleled patient experience. We are thrilled to see two female-led teams come together to provide our patients with the best patient-centered care in the market.

The combination immediately doubles the size, reach, and scope of both companies and combines the deep experience and proven success in clinical operations, innovation, and scale of Vios with the cutting-edge technology and employer network of Kindbody. 

  1. As a patient, what do I stand to gain from this? What are the benefits to me?

By combining the power of Kindbody with Vios’s clinical expertise and experience in scaling clinical operations, we are furthering our commitment to quality care, best-in-class patient experience and increased access to care. 

Kindbody’s proprietary patient portal, EMR (electronic medical record), and telehealth platform will be integrated into the expanded operations to ensure a seamless continuum of care.

  1. Will my cost of care stay the same?

The cost of care will not change for Vios patients.

  1. Will any locations close because of the union? 

No. Vios and Kindbody are already in progress to further expand the national footprint in additional markets.

  1. Will Kindbody patients be able to schedule an appointment at Vios right away? If so, who should I reach out to?

We are “business as usual” for the next 90 days and Vios is already a partner of Kindbody. If you are a Kindbody member, you can book your appointment through [email protected]. If you are not a Kindbody member, call Vios directly (866-258-8467) or complete this form to schedule an appointment!

As we work towards a full rebranding to Kindbody, you may receive a follow-up phone call or email from a Kindbody address – this is to be expected. Our team will get you scheduled at the location and with the physician you request.